Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Proposal: Let’s get things going.

s/k. Fails. ~lilomar

Adminned at 27 Apr 2011 20:49:11 UTC

Execute all the orders in block quotes in this proposal in the way described in Rule “Sell Orders” with the Market as the Seller and every time a new randomly chosen Investor as the Buyer. When enacting this Proposal, the Admin enacting it may perform the actions described in rule regarding these orders.

SELL 5 XEX @ 10$
SELL 5 XEX @ 10$
SELL 5 XEX @ 10$
SELL 10 XEX @ 10$

SELL 5 BNS @ 20$
SELL 10 BNS @ 20$
SELL 15 BNS @ 20$

Execute the following order 9 times. If more than half of the EvC’s to this Proposal including the Market’s contain the words FREE MARKET, execute it 11 times instead.

SELL 5 GBT @ 5$

If after these actions there are X Investors owning no Shares, execute the following order X times, with every Investor without shares as the Buyer exactly once:

SELL 5 MMX @ 20$

Admins will hate me.



26-04-2011 12:20:21 UTC

against The dollar sign has to be in front of the number, not behind it, for it to count as an Order.

I sort of like this, though. What I’m shooting for is that inter-Investor-relations and trades will drive this dynasty, instead of bidding wars for the Market’s shares. Handing everyone shares to start out with would facilitate this.


26-04-2011 13:53:52 UTC



26-04-2011 14:59:03 UTC



26-04-2011 16:24:59 UTC



26-04-2011 19:03:23 UTC

against S/K


27-04-2011 21:19:20 UTC