Monday, August 20, 2012

Proposal: Location Location Location

Quorums 7-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 22 Aug 2012 02:57:42 UTC

Add a new pie called “Warp”. Add a new upgraded “Input: 1 Empty Pie, Output: 2 Warp Pies”

Add a new dynastic rule called “Locations” and give it the following text

Each Baker has a Location which is tracked in the GNDT in a column called “Location”. All Bakers start in the Foyer. A Baker’s location may also be “Apple Farm”, “Creamatorium” or “Science Lab”.

If a Baker’s Location is the Apple Farm, the “Input: none, Output: 1 Apple Pie” upgrade becomes available to that Baker when choosing an upgrade for the upgrade action .

If a Baker’s Location is the Creamatorium, the upgrades “Input: 1 Apple Pie, Output: 2 Cream Pies” and “Input: 1 Dutch Apple Pie, Output: 4 Cream Pies” both become available to that Baker when choosing an upgrade for the upgrade action.

If a Baker’s Location is the Science Lab, if he is targeted by a Portal Pie neither is Position or Pies swap with the attacker

A Baker may spend 1 Warp Pie (provided of course he has one) to change his location to any other valid location.

in the rule “Holy War” replace

pick another Baker (the Target) other than himself


pick another Baker (the Target) in the same location as himself (other than himself)



08-20-2012 18:06:15 UTC


Cream Pie is Bakers!


08-20-2012 18:22:32 UTC

I like the idea, but the way this interacts with the Distance/Round Table mechanic is kind of wonky.  It’s as if there’s a separate table in each location and you have to take your assigned seat in your new room (the same one you were sitting in in the old room), even if all the other chairs are empty.  It means if you want to hit someone with a pie and they sit too far away, you can’t follow them to their new location in order to get closer.

Also, if this rule passed the Portal pies should be changed to specify that Locations change as well.

If we addressed those two issues (especially the second one), I’d be behind this one.


08-20-2012 18:37:14 UTC

Why do portal pies need to change locations?

I kinda like how the locations mechanic and table mechanic give you two different ways to avoid someone. This is supposed to be a silly dynasty that doesn’t make a ton of real-world sense. (I mean, there is a room that lets you turn apple pies into cream, how does that work???)


08-20-2012 18:37:44 UTC

@Murphy “Input: 1 Baker. Output: 20 cream pies” =D


08-20-2012 18:43:08 UTC

It’s not that Portals would change location, but that you should swap Locations with your target, if it hits.


08-20-2012 18:44:51 UTC

“As a daily action, a baker may pick one of the Upgrades listed below and perform it.” Will it be legal to do those local upgrades? They “become available”, but are not “listed below”...

All locations are assumed to be “valid”...

And typos: “If a Baker’s Location is the Science Lab, if he is targeted by a Portal Pie neither his Position nor Pies swap with the attacker”.

Though for with the “thought behind the rule” mindset.

I think locations should be switched by Portal Pies as well, that’s why they are “Portal”. This can be brought up for voting later, though.


08-20-2012 19:45:04 UTC



08-20-2012 19:53:59 UTC

for This seems highly inconsistent with the cream pie fight, but new mechanics are very welcome. I don’t think you need to add “in the same location as himself” for the fight; we could imagine bakers using a Jedi Council-like hologram systems to throw pies at each other.


08-20-2012 21:26:50 UTC

I think its more fun to require you to chase people, which is why I gave you the two warp pies so its easier to move around with.


08-21-2012 04:18:24 UTC

for Not to jump on the bandwagon too much here, but I’ve decided the current limitations aren’t a dealbreaker.  I like.


08-22-2012 03:53:51 UTC