Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Proposal: Lots of components

5-1. Reached Quorum.—Chronos

Adminned at 02 Nov 2005 05:53:40 UTC

Add those components to Powers:

* Reflex - Power can only be used within 24 hours of either you, one of your Temples or a City controlled by your Pantheon being targeted by a Power used by a Deity from another Pantheon. (+3 Global Worship)

* Hinder - You can {Make a Post} naming any Deity. That Deity becomes hindered. All Powers in that Deity’s list gains the Sign component. This can lead to a Power having two instances of the Sign component. (+50 Global Might)

* Earthquake - Choose 2 Temples in the same City. Those temples are destroyed. (+25 City Might)

* Volcano - Choose a Deity and a City. All temples belonging to that Deity in that City are destroyed. This power must be a Festival. (+40 City Might)

* Fog - Choose a City. For the next 24 hours, that City yields no Pilgrim Worshippers to its controlling Pantheon. This power must be a Holy Day or Festival. (+30 Global Might)

* Windstorm - Choose a City. For the next 24 hours, no Pilgrim Worshippers shall exist in that City. This power must be a Holy Day or Festival. (+30 Global Might)

* Lightning – Chose a Temple belonging to any Deity. Permanently reduce by 50 the number of Resident Worshippers yielded by that Temple. This shall be represented in the Cities Wiki by an “*” after the Deity name in the Temple’s listing. (+30 City Might)

As usual, voters on this proposal may list any Components they feel are abusable, along with their vote. If any Component listed in this Proposal is considered abusable by *TWO* or more Deities, it shall be removed from the list when this proposal is enacted.



11-01-2005 04:20:47 UTC

for  for

I approve.  Thanks for being the proposal workhorse this Dynasty, by the by.


11-01-2005 20:29:21 UTC

for  The powers seem not abusable, and some are even a bit under-powered - Lightning costs a lot compared to Smite.


11-01-2005 22:15:05 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

11-02-2005 00:46:58 UTC

As long as we create a Power than can undo the effect of Hinder.

More powers, heh!

Kevan: HE/HIM

11-02-2005 11:18:03 UTC

against Nothing abusable, but a few I don’t like much (seems bad that Hinder isn’t clearly reversible; it should use a new keyword instead of duplicating one that already exists in other powers, and all these Wrath variants are getting a bit hard to follow).