Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Magic Word

i march in time (i exist) to 1440/11/27.

after a few days, i came back to see how bruno is doing. when i came closer to his house, i saw him through the window talking to a strange woman. she was dressed like she was in a cheap sci-fi movie.

i came closer and listened to their conversation:
bruno: this ancient pottery belongs to my family for many many generations, i will sell it to you, but not for a small price.
woman: it’s beautifull.
bruno: the old legend says, that if you wisper a magic word to the pottery, it can bring days and hours into a halt.
woman: can i have a look on it?
bruno: sure, here it is Miss… what is your name again?
*woman says a combination of numbers and greek letters*
*the birds in the sky lower their speed to a halt*
*but the events in the room happen faster and faster*
*woman shots bruno in the head*
woman: you can call me the Chronomaster
*the woman dissapeared in time with the neolithic pottery*
*time flow returns to noraml*

i rushed into the house and saw bruno’s head completely burned. the chronomaster have escaped. i memorized the activation key to the device.

node event created:
1440/11/27 The Chronomaster kills Bruno and steals the Neolithic pottery. Aran memorizes the activation key. [Chronomaster] [Bruno] [aran]



17-08-2006 09:40:59 UTC

against against against

This is illegal under R2.5.3 “A Traveller’s name may only be added as a keyword by that Traveller themselves”.

Please can you undo it.


17-08-2006 15:01:43 UTC

So what’s wrong with aran creating a Node with keywords [Chronomaster] [Bruno] and [aran]???


17-08-2006 15:07:02 UTC

Oh, sorry.  Completely my fault.  There’s nothing wrong with your node event after all.  (I thought that Chronomaster was a Traveller.)

/Thelnoious shrinks away, tail between legs