Friday, February 19, 2010

Maid dead

Well, someone killed the maid after he brought me to the Basement.

You glimpsed someone murdering the Maid. It was either the Admiral, the Banker, the Diplomat, the Professor, a Stranger, the Vicar or - and this can’t be right, but it did look a lot like you - yourself…

You heard a padding noise as someone left the Basement.

Vell, zis eez a clue.  Kind of.




02-19-2010 20:04:38 UTC

So the possibilities are yabba, Anonyman, me, ais, Wak, or tec. I don’t think you can glimpse yourself.


02-19-2010 20:06:46 UTC

Wasn’t me.  Wasn’t a dead guy (the admiral).  We’ll have to watch the rest for a bit.


02-19-2010 20:07:23 UTC

Any random roles can be glimpsed, including your own.


02-19-2010 20:09:44 UTC

Tecslicer’s hiding is rather odd, but may just be to get away from the murderer.


02-19-2010 20:26:12 UTC

@Rodlen: What I meant was, you can’t glimpse a murder you committed yourself.


02-19-2010 21:06:07 UTC

Unless of course, he fabricated it. Which could be the case considering I’m baffled why he would share this information otherwise.


02-20-2010 02:45:59 UTC

Someone hid me. I was quite satisfied to stay unhidden and continue to clumsily bludgeon my fellow guests (I am giving up peacefulness for lent) but no…


02-20-2010 03:21:37 UTC

“Conceal a named Guest (known as the Target) that they share a room with. Upon taking this Action, if the Target is present in the same room as the Guest concealing them and the Target has become Dead or Restrained since the lights last went out, then the Target becomes Missing and their Actual State becomes their health state prior to becoming Missing.”

Dead or restrained?

By the way, you just sort of violated rule 2.12 Silence by revealing unrevealed information about things that have happened to you while you are hidden.


02-20-2010 04:36:08 UTC

And if he violated 2.12, what then? No punishment or consequence is laid out in the rules.

Kevan: HE/HIM

02-20-2010 13:38:04 UTC

If someone starts wilfully violating Rule 2.12, I imagine we’d kick them out or work around it (the same way we would if a dead player stood up said “this game is stupid, me and these other two guys were Mafia” in a game of Mafia) - it’s probably a bit much to have an automatic punishment, when it’s easy to say small things accidentally.

The main reason it’s there is just to tell people to try not to do it, and to make it unambiguous that a DoV that openly hinged on interviewing a load of dead guests wouldn’t fly.


02-20-2010 21:04:23 UTC

Can’t have been me, I couldn’t route to the basement last night (not being a servant, and not being there already).


02-20-2010 22:58:37 UTC

How have I broken the rule. These things that I have mentioned happened before, or Right before, or At the time of (My concealment) my going missing.


02-20-2010 22:58:38 UTC

By the same reasoning, it isn’t Wak, Anonyman, yabba, or Darth. If this info is true, the murderer is almost certainly tecslicer. On the other hand, we have no obvious reason to believe Rodlen.


02-20-2010 22:59:19 UTC

Oh, or it could be Rodlen if he’s telling the truth! But why would a murderer give evidence that incriminates him? Maybe it’s a double-bluff.

Kevan: HE/HIM

02-20-2010 23:24:00 UTC

[tecslicer] Rule 2.12 prevents you sharing “any in-game information about themselves that had not previously been revealed”; it doesn’t matter when the referenced event happened, only whether it had been revealed before. The fact you didn’t perform a “hide” action hadn’t been revealed yet, so as a missing guest you can’t reveal it.


02-20-2010 23:55:49 UTC

Note to self: stop revealing private messages that may be helpful to people who are actually trying to win.  It will just lead to me becoming a target.


02-20-2010 23:59:03 UTC

ais523: Ah, but the murderer can move from floor to floor just like servants.  And this was definitely a murderer murder.


02-21-2010 23:40:07 UTC

Rodlen: Ah, I forgot that. Ignore my reasoning, then.