Monday, January 19, 2009

Story Post: [Maintenance] Dust Storms blocking visibility

The following Stations are currently under Maintenance and unavailable for visiting through the Sol Road:

Ganymede, Hyperion, Mars and Ceres.

Members currently in those stations should take special precautions for the bad weather. Maintenance is expected to end on February 5, current year.


Wooden Squid:

01-19-2009 22:00:33 UTC

Is Ceres even a valid station option?


01-19-2009 23:10:44 UTC

Nope. Dwarf planets are not a subset of planets, but are rather a middle-step between planets and satellites.


01-20-2009 01:52:51 UTC

Well, I listed Ceres just in case. I mean, there’s a pretty mean storm out there, and I didn’t want people to be unaware, even if there is nothing interesting built over there.


01-20-2009 04:07:03 UTC

If Pluto is counted, Ceres and Eris are counted too.


01-20-2009 23:44:14 UTC

But Pluto isn’t.