Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Proposal: Mandatory Waiting Period

Self-killed. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 24 Jun 2015 21:51:34 UTC

Add the following paragraph after the sentence in the rule “Prestige” that reads “These Aspects are selected from the list in the rule “Aspects,” and for each of them, the Attendant shall create a Story Post with the title of the Aspect it represents.”

For each such Story Post, the Attendant shall roll DICE16 in the GNDT; the result is the number of hours before that post becomes active. The Attendant shall post a comment noting the time when it will become active on each such post.

Imperfect, but I’d like to make early bidding less about “who happens to be online right now.”



06-24-2015 17:12:59 UTC

against Seems like this could lead to confusing bunfights when the clock strikes, as several players fight over the powers they want at exactly the same instant, probably losing them in the few seconds it takes to switch windows and take a GNDT action.


06-24-2015 17:21:26 UTC

Isn’t that just as possible now, when they all become active at the same time?


06-24-2015 17:37:01 UTC

It’s currently unlikely because we don’t know when they’re going to become active. If you tell us that the best power of the game is coming online at 3:47pm, though, there’ll probably be a couple of players camping the spawn, and trying to bid for and use it simultaneously.


06-24-2015 17:40:19 UTC

Fair point. What about keeping “powers are immediately active” but spacing out the actual posts over the first day of the epoch?


06-24-2015 18:41:53 UTC

I like spacing them better then post locking them.  against


06-24-2015 19:01:57 UTC



06-24-2015 21:50:49 UTC

against Self-kill.