Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Manifesto: Mornington Crescent

May as well stick a poster up. Mornington Crescent is a fictional boardgame played on London’s iconic tube map; the Dynasty would, in some way or other, involve players moving around on that map, interacting with one another and spouting a lot of made-up jargon, until somebody finally managed to reach Mornington Crescent station. (I ran a full-blown Nomic with this theme back in 1997, which ran for years - it’d be interesting to revisit it with fresh players and an original perspective.)


Josh: he/they

28-04-2010 15:09:28 UTC

I like the idea, and am surprised that we haven’t already done it.


28-04-2010 15:11:58 UTC



28-04-2010 16:37:43 UTC

I like this idea too—and it might work even better than dbdougla’s idea given that not everyone is familiar with Alpha Centauri


28-04-2010 17:49:01 UTC

I remember reading Mornington Nomic’s ruleset ages before I found BlogNomic, it was pretty interesting. (The game was long dead by then, though.)


29-04-2010 23:06:34 UTC

Watch this space for proposals to also make the transit maps of other cities part of the gamestate (but only when transversely in spoon).


02-05-2010 15:47:11 UTC

I thought this already happened.

I assume we’d be using the ‘87 revision of Ashbury’s ruleset? It removes so many of the lateral movement weirdness that plagues so many of the other variants, and I understand that it’s standard for tournament play in Yugoslavia.


02-05-2010 18:01:47 UTC

@Ornithopter: Nah, this is a nomic. Really, we should look at all the existing rulesets, and codify them into a whole that avoids all the problems that plague so many of the standard tournament rulesets.