Monday, August 14, 2006

Marcello, i’m coming to save you. (again)

1)after considering what happened the last few days, i began realizing i have a time machine.
2)i decided to try a random date, to see how it works.

Range Moving (haven’t ranged before) from 1419/11/29 to 1440/11/25
Influential Beacon (1439/7/6) (inf=32)
A Slow Drip (758/12/25) (inf=34)

when i “landed” i saw a hooded man aiming at Marcello.
in order to save Marcello i jumped at the hooded man, but i was too late. Marcello is dead.
i knocked the hooded man down, the gun flew from his hand. i looked into the man’s face, but
it was no man, it was a robot. the robot disappeared in a blue flash. i took the laser gun.

event changed:
Bruno the Witchfinder watches Marcello being murdered by a hooded robot.
aran takes the robot’s laser gun.
[Marcello] [Bruno] [aran]

(i just hope, i did it right this time :)



08-14-2006 00:55:39 UTC

A Robot in the 15th century would be—
—an anomaly, of course.