Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meddling with Ed de Goey

Ed has trouble finding a word that rhymes with ‘orange’. He prays to the Gods for guidance.

Ed is vulnerable to the Ephemeral sphere.



14-12-2010 15:18:15 UTC

Uplift. I think you’ll find that I’m uniquely suited to help him out of this predicament.


14-12-2010 15:29:08 UTC

Matuta fills Ed’s head with gry rhymes—but Ed’s immune to tormentting this way :)


14-12-2010 15:55:07 UTC

Poetry is grand, Ed, but ultimately I think you’ll find making a sandwich to be much more fulfilling. Uplift!


14-12-2010 16:53:31 UTC

I uplift Ed by making him try to find a word that rhymes with “lemon” instead.


14-12-2010 17:14:02 UTC

As Ed mopes about the garden, thinking hard, he stumbles across a patch of spore-bearing ferns and recalls that they are collectively called ‘sporange.’  Elated, he composes the following limerick:

An old horticulturist said,
One morning while lying in bed,
“If you grow a sporange
Instead of an orange,
And eat it, you might end up dead.”

Ed sends his poem in to the New Yorker but is Tormented when it doesn’t get published.  Subrincinator chuckles.


14-12-2010 18:01:36 UTC

I uplift him, by finding him a weird internet poetry page publishing his work.


15-12-2010 01:32:53 UTC

Having now choice, I torment ed by making him too tired to write a better explanation.

Darknight: he/him

15-12-2010 01:40:42 UTC

I uplift him by helping him win The Golden Goat of Poetry, which is literally a gold colored goat with a poetry book on its back.


16-12-2010 08:21:40 UTC

The meddling has ended. Darknight is Ed’s Patron, and coppro is his Nemesis. Darknight may now marry Ed to any Adult on the mortals page.