Friday, August 31, 2007

Monster: Teuthos

Somewhere deep in Tokyo Bay, endless tentacles begin to unfurl, and a yellow eye blinks in the darkness.



08-31-2007 15:26:51 UTC



08-31-2007 16:08:48 UTC

Looks like we can do image tags in comments, and there’s no rule about having to wait for the third Kaiju God before starting, so here you go:-


08-31-2007 16:21:45 UTC

Looks good, so far!  The quality of my contribution will <strike>likely</strike> definitely pale in comparison.  But I suppose it wouldn’t be much of a monster if it didn’t mismatch horribly with the upper two thirds.


08-31-2007 16:29:10 UTC

Commenting on this post means that you’re the third God for it - I suppose it should be Chivalrybean officially drawing the second section, though, in case he’s already started…


08-31-2007 16:33:32 UTC

Yeah, I assumed that Chivalrybean would do the middle, and I’d have a go at the bottom.

And we might as well all conform to the 500x250 pixel size, to avoid complications when “750 Storeys High” is enacted.


09-02-2007 17:55:30 UTC

How’d you do the image tags?


09-02-2007 21:46:33 UTC

The tentacles thrash about, the tips taking on forms of hands, faces, and other unknown and terrorizing shapes…


To do the tag, I uploaded the pic (following Kevan’s lead) to and the tag is
img src=“url” alt=‘whatevertxt’ /

and you need it to encase it in these: < >