Monday, February 05, 2007

International Cinema

Add the following elements to the ‘Hometowns’ list in rule ‘Hometown’, 2.2, and to the GNDT:

  • Tokyo - Home of Japanese cinema, animation, and Godzilla.
  • Mumbai - Bollywood central! The home of the Indian musical.
  • Vancouver - The center of Canadian cinema, which is generally indistinguishable from American.
  • Hong Kong -  Known international for making the Hong Kong Blood Opera a genre in its own right.
  • Machu Picchu - Admittedly not much in the way of cinema here.



02-05-2007 23:49:37 UTC

You are the fail at putting it in the right class, AG.

Angry Grasshopper:

02-05-2007 23:50:43 UTC

Silly Excalabur—I had put it as a ‘motion’ so I could continue discussing this in the channel. Now I have to repost it. ;P


02-05-2007 23:52:02 UTC

Nice going, Ex.  We were all waiting for some edits, but now you ruined it. against I think 2 hometowns are enough, at least until we know what they’re going to be used for.


02-05-2007 23:57:39 UTC

for Three cheers for globalization


02-05-2007 23:59:53 UTC

Can someone clarify, was this a valid proposal?

Angry Grasshopper:

02-06-2007 00:02:24 UTC

It was originally. I then changed it to a non-proposal. Excalabur commented on it in that state, and I couldn’t change it again.