Thursday, January 25, 2018

Proposal: More RNG

Timed out 3 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 27 Jan 2018 20:04:38 UTC

Add the following to Supplies:

Lockbox: If the possessor of the hands slot holding the box also has a lockbox key in a slot they own, and they choose to open the lockbox as a craction, roll a DICE9 in GNDT and enact the corresponding option to that number:
Between 1 and 6. The lockbox contains a randomly chosen (by dice roll in GNDT) item from the current pool of possible Supplies (The lockbox is destroyed).
7. The lockbox is empty, causing it to be destroyed without consequences.
8. The lockbox is trapped with explosives and the resident who opened the lockbox loses 3 health (this damage being directed at the torso). The lockbox is destroyed along with the lockbox key.
9. The lockbox is trapped with gas and the resident who opened the lockbox loses 2 alertness and gains 20 hangover. The lockbox is destroyed.

Lockbox Key: Used to open a Lockbox.

Hopefully setting a precedent for more lockbox options. Perhaps some actually good ones would be nice, but I couldn’t think of a way to fit it in properly in world ;)



01-25-2018 19:21:07 UTC

yo this is not a proposal lol

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-25-2018 19:25:32 UTC

And this nearly - but not quite - qualifies for the “if a post by a Resident who has been a Resident for fewer than seven days contains the word “Proposal” in its title, but is not a Proposal” rule that’s meant to catch this kind of thing, but which has still never actually been invoked…


01-25-2018 19:31:13 UTC


that was a mistake

I think it should be fixed now?


01-25-2018 19:44:10 UTC

this may have the unintentional side effect of people potentially getting consumable items when they’re not taking an item from a crate


01-25-2018 19:46:58 UTC

that’s not too much of a problem since the wording in the rules is “When an item listed as Consumable would be put into a hand slot” and it’d be put into hand slots either way


01-25-2018 19:54:21 UTC

you can active the lockbox “as a craction or otherwise” which means at any time


01-25-2018 20:03:24 UTC

Okay, that’s fair, I had a look at the original reasons for that rule and I agree. Only as a craction it is.


01-25-2018 21:57:53 UTC

RAW don’t you only need to roll a DICE4?


01-25-2018 22:08:10 UTC

I suggest not revealing it next time and using it in your profit.

I was going to use that dangit lol. Or you could’ve. Now you can’t.


01-25-2018 22:10:45 UTC

hoo boy. you people are smort. i fixed it and it makes me wonder what else i’ve missed ;)


01-25-2018 22:39:39 UTC

~~just nomic

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-25-2018 22:40:14 UTC

“the highest number listed below” is arguably 20. Why not just say DICE9? “has their alertness reduced by 3 while” could also be phrased in terms of being a Bonus, for clarity.

For a leftover side effect, the Open Lockbox seems overpowered. For the player with the highest Alertness there’s potentially no drawback at all here, as they can put it on immediately after having their turn, and take it back off just before the Crate is empty.


01-25-2018 22:45:20 UTC

hmm, uh, yeah. That is true. that’s the trouble with being able to shuffle things between slots as non-cractions I guess.

your suggestions are good and I can slip in just before the 6hr deadline on alterations, so I’ve removed the open lockbox (one day I’ll find a way…) and specified DICE9


01-26-2018 01:43:54 UTC

[Cuddlebeam] well now nobody else can either. I’d rather have people propose what they intend and do better in other ways than profiting off of someone’s inexperience with proposals.


01-26-2018 03:18:39 UTC

...But I’ve helped someone inexperienced just now, card. Although, for the scamming approach of things. Isn’t that a valuable skill in nomic as well?


01-26-2018 04:01:24 UTC

(Could be interesting to give each newb 1 free pass on stuff like this with me pointing it out. But I prefer to not make a policy at all, because if I do, giving the hint out or not is a clue in itself for everyone else. So, uh… I guess I’ll just help sort of randomly lol.)

Kevan: HE/HIM

01-26-2018 09:09:10 UTC



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01-26-2018 18:02:32 UTC