Saturday, September 14, 2019

Proposal: Motivations

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Each Castaway has a Motivation, defaulting to None and tracked in the GNDT. At any point, a Castaway may change their goal from any Motivation to a different Motivation. This causes their HSR to raise by one. Each goal gives some benefits while the Castaway has that goal, as listed below:
None - You may ignore the HSR increase when changing a Motivation from None to a different Motivation.
Survivalist - Your primary goal is to survive on the island. You require one less Wood to construct a shelter.
Signaler - Your primary goal is to escape the island. Every time you spend Wood on the Message in the Sand or the Giant Bonfire, it counts as 50% more wood (rounded down) for gaining Story Points and for gaining progress towards completing the Message in the Sand or Giant Bonfire.



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