Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Proposal: Movement

Timed out. Passes. Enacted by Clucky

Adminned at 15 Mar 2007 18:32:35 UTC

If Proposal Map, Take 2 failed, this one does nothing.

Add a Tickets rule:

There are three types of Tickets an Agent may posses: Air Tickets, Sea Tickets or Land Tickets. The number of each type of Ticket possessed by each Agent is tracked in the GNDT.

When a new agent enters the game, the Admin adding then to the GNDT shall roll DICE3 three times. For each dice roll, e shall add 2 and put the resulting number respectively in the Air Tickets, Sea Tickets and Land Tickets columns of the new Agent in the GNDT.

Often, if an Agent is in a Supply Center, e may make an DICE4 roll. If the result is 1, e may increase eir Air Tickets by one; if the result is 2, e may increase eir Sea Tickets by one and if the result is 3, e may increase eir Land Tickets by one. If e rolls 4, nothing happens.

For each Agent currently existing, roll DICE3 three times. For each dice roll, add 2 and put the resulting number respectively in the Air Tickets, Sea Tickets and Land Tickets columns of that Agent in the GNDT.

Add a Movement rule

Often, a particular Agent may choose to move from the Territory in which e is then located to another Territory, adjacent to the one e is leaving, if the following conditions are met:

* If both Territories are land Territories and are not both Aiport Territories, the Agent must spend 1 Land Ticket before doing eir movement.

* If both Territories are Aiport Territories, the Agent must spend 1 Air Ticket before doing eir movement.

* If either or both Territories are sea Territories, the Agent must spend 1 Sea Ticket before doing eir movement.

An Agent may only spend a Ticket if e has more than Zero of the adequate type of Ticket. When spending a Ticket, an Agent must decrease the amount e has of the adequate type of Ticket.

Particular Gadgets or other Rules may permit other kinds of movements.

Upon moving, an Agent must also, within 1 hour of registering eir Ticket spending in the GNDT, send a private message to the Mastermind identifying emself and stating that e is moving from Y to Z (substituting Y for the territory that e is leaving and Z for the territory that e is entering).

Add an Iron Curtain Sub-Rule to Movement:

Iron Curtain: The following territories are considered to be “Behind the Iron Curtain”: MUR (Murmansk), URA (Urals), SIB (Siberia), STP (St. Petersburg), GOR (Gorky), VOL (Volga), MOS (Moscow), CRP (Central Russian Plateau), ROS (Rostov), CAU (Caucasus), KAZ (Kazakhstan), AZE (Azerbaijan), ARM (Armenia), GEO (Georgia), DON, KHA (Kharkov), SEV (Sevastopol), ODE (Odessa), KIE (Kiev), POD (Podolia), RUM (Rumania), MOL (Moldova), BUL (Bulgaria), MAC (Macedonia), ALB (Albania), SER (Serbia), BOS (Bosnia), CRO (Croatia), HUN (Hungary), SLO (Slovakia), CZE (Czech), SAX (Saxony), BER (Berlin), PRU (Prussia), SIL (Silesia), GDA (Gdansk), WAR (Warsaw), KRA (Krakow), BIE (Bielorussia), LIT (Lithuania), LAT (Latvia), EST (Estonia).

All other Territories are considered to be “The Free World”.

An Agent may not move from a territory in The Free World to a territory Behind the Iron Curtain, or vice versa, unless the Agent has a Gadget that permits that Agent to make such a move; or another Rule permits the move.

If more than half of all comments containing counted votes also contain the text “No Curtain”, delete the Iron Curtain sub-rule.



03-14-2007 01:19:29 UTC

for No Curtain


03-14-2007 01:47:41 UTC

for Though I’d rather the movement be emailed to me than be PMed to me.


03-14-2007 02:30:35 UTC

for but reluctantly.  I like the Iron Curtain, but not the ticket concept.  It’s the “Scotland Yard” board game with the serial numbers filed off.


03-14-2007 02:38:32 UTC

I also miss the “Last Known Location” concept.  Now, there basically isn’t any disclosed information about locations except indirectly by ticket decrements, making it unlikely that Agents would enter the same territory except through stumbling into each other by accident (and how would they even know?)


03-14-2007 12:02:00 UTC

Spike, I’m out of Proposal slots, but I’ll propose something like random or periodical appearance of agents.

Furthermore, Missions may force an agent to appear.

Increasing Tickets in Supply Centers also gives away clues about an Agent Location.


03-14-2007 14:50:45 UTC

I think this would make it too hard to move. I like the idea, but tickets should help you move faster. (Train tickets allow you to move three spaces. Air tickets to use airports, and sea tickets to move onto water)—not allow you to move.  against


03-14-2007 20:32:56 UTC

I agree with clucky on that one…someone should propose an amendment along those lines.  Move normaly with no tickets, move more quickly with land tickets (whatever amount that may be)


03-14-2007 23:53:46 UTC

for I like the idea of restrictive movement… If you want, think of tickets as “number of fake passports”  or something along those lines… I mean, we’re secret agents, not tourists. The governments of these countries might actually care about our presence! :P


03-15-2007 01:12:49 UTC



03-15-2007 15:00:00 UTC

against One player can have a starting advantage over another, simply because he was lucky!?