Monday, April 15, 2019

Ascension Address: Much Larger than the Pyramids

I gazed up at the pyramids towering above me. They weren’t the largest structures ever built. I’d commissioned larger ones myself, even before reaching my current status and power. Yet there was something special about these 4 millenia old structures. Something inspiring.

“Did you know the egyptians weren’t the first civilization?” My voice startles my assistant, and she looks around nervously to see if I’m offending any locals: it would make the news.

“We actually aren’t sure who is first. We remember egypt because of those. Because of the size and audacity of what they acomplished. Because they built big.”

“People talk about changing the world, but all they ever change is the attitudes of the people on it. I’m going to change it. Not with words and social programs, but with tractors and spaceships. I’ll control the weather. I’ll send colonists to mars. I’ll send them to the stars. I’ll build cities in space. I’ll build them underwater.”

I gaze back up at the pyramids “And no one will ever forget me.”

“Where are you going to find someone who can build a city in space?” My assistant asks.

I smile “Oh, I know some people who could do it, given enough money”

Change Dungeon Master to “Great Eccentric” and “Adventurer” to “Contractor”. All special rules are active.


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