Sunday, April 03, 2011

Proposal: My Spaceship Knows Which Way To Go

Self-killed, failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 04 Apr 2011 02:49:40 UTC

Rename Rule 2.6 (Oddities) to “Oddities and States”, and reword it to:-

Stations may have Oddities and/or States. An Oddity is a particular rule related to that Station, while a State is a one-word quality possessed by the Station. A Station may have zero or more States.

All the Stations which have Oddities and/or States are listed in alphabetical order in the wiki page called [[Check before you travel]] as well as their Oddities and States. States are written in capital letters and bold.

Update the “Check before you travel” wiki page to include an Oddity of “LOCKED” for Mornington Crescent, Oxford Circus, Kings Cross St. Pancras and Embankment.

Reword the rule “Locked Stations” to the following, and renumber it to be a subrule of Rule 2.6:-

Some Stations may have the State of “LOCKED”. A Piece may never be moved to a Locked Station. If a rule would require a Piece to be moved to a Locked Station, that Piece is instead placed Off the Board. If a Piece is at a Station which is Locked, any Player may move that Piece Off the Board.

If a Player would have achieved victory, but their Piece is at a Locked Station, then they have not achieved victory.

In Rule 2.8 (Trails), reword the effect of the “UNLOCK” trail to:-

If a player has a trail that includes the word UNLOCK, they may remove the Locked State from a single Locked Station, by updating the [[Check before you travel]] page and making a post to the blog stating that the Station has become unlocked.

It seems that the LOCKED list and the Oddities list are doing similar things (except that one of them can only be edited by admins) - maybe we ought to merge them together.

Also rewording the Locked Station rule to cover what happens if a Station becomes Locked while it’s occupied (which has just happened with Embankment), and adding one extra level of waterproofing to Mornington Crescent, explicitly saying that you can’t declare a win if you’re somehow there while it’s locked.



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wait, “Rename Rule 2.6 (Oddities) to “Oddities and States”, and reword it to…” will this remove Odd Proposals? I read it as not, but I’m not sure about what do you mean with reword…


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What about Blackfriers? It’s locked as of now, but you don’t add LOCKED to it in this proposal.  for


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against Self-kill.

Kevan: he/him

04-04-2011 08:05:18 UTC

Ely’s absolutely right (I started writing this a few days ago and didn’t think to check for pending changes to the rules I was working on), and this would interact very badly with proposals further up the queue - I’ll repropose a fixed version later.

Kevan: he/him

04-04-2011 08:57:07 UTC

And good point, Chivalrybean, I should have reworded Blackfriars’ Oddity.