Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nellie Bly Fashions Electric Pen

Nellie Bly created a device worth one device point, which she believes to be the following device:

Electric Pen: Once per week, the Valkyrie owning the Einherjar who holds the Electric Pen may announce in the GDNT that the Einherjar is using the Electric Pen and roll DICE10. If the value is less than or equal to that Einherjar’s Scholarship statistic, then the Valkyrie may cause the value of the Charisma statistic of any single named Einherjar to be raised or lowered by 1 point, to no higher than +6 or lower than -6. She shall then make a story post to this effect.



12-20-2007 19:45:18 UTC

GNDT, rather…


12-20-2007 19:46:51 UTC

and Scholasticism, of course…


12-21-2007 01:29:59 UTC

I think that is a fantastic item!