Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Color Theme

This can be the discussion post for changing the appearance of the blog for the new dynasty.

Things to do:
1. new color scheme for blog for
2. new color scheme for GNDT for
3. new logo for



05-17-2011 16:57:23 UTC

Does anyone have a good idea for a logo?


05-17-2011 17:00:04 UTC

If you want I’ll try making one. No graphical designer here though. I was thinking to simply take a shot of the growing crops (I live in a farm)


05-17-2011 17:22:36 UTC

Flowers too for the logo? (*Entertains her inner woman*)
The GNDT should have more earthy tones I think, but Iwelcome all sorts of other stuff too!


05-17-2011 17:28:58 UTC

I’d suggest dark green on a very light yellow (perhaps #006600 on #FFFFDD), with something like #DDFFDD for blockquote backgrounds, for the blog itself.


05-17-2011 17:34:59 UTC

Any thoughts on what I did with the GNDT?


05-17-2011 17:38:47 UTC

Psykedelic. Too much I guess.


05-17-2011 17:39:47 UTC

Syl could make a logo.

Oh, and we could use a new veto icon. We’ve been using this same generic one for quite a while.


05-17-2011 17:42:24 UTC

Eh, I just don’t trust myself enough to go poking around the blog stylesheet.  The GNDT is easy enough, though.


05-17-2011 17:50:17 UTC

Blog Nomic, the third Dynasty of Yoda

Here it is.


05-17-2011 17:51:08 UTC

What do you think?


05-17-2011 17:53:09 UTC

You need the text to be more readable. (Perhaps make it a slightly brighter shade of red? I’m not sure if that would help or not.) Otherwise, I like it.


05-17-2011 17:54:35 UTC

That was my concern too. I’ll try a couple of alternatives.


05-17-2011 18:00:54 UTC

That does look really nice. I approve for


05-17-2011 18:11:34 UTC

I like it!
Doubly approved


05-17-2011 18:13:07 UTC

I’m glad you like it!

Here is another version, it should easier to read:
BlogNomic, the third Dynasty of Yoda

Not sure wich is better.


05-17-2011 18:16:42 UTC

I think I prefer the newest one.


05-17-2011 18:24:00 UTC

I like the newest one too.


05-17-2011 18:25:56 UTC

Anyone wanna update the blog?


05-17-2011 18:36:38 UTC

I think the newest one is better


05-17-2011 18:48:32 UTC

Could someone unsticky this? It’s getting in the way of seeing what new proposals are being made, and is much less important.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-17-2011 18:51:09 UTC

Unstuck. And I actually preferred the first one, for being a bit earthier. Yoda’s call, though.


05-17-2011 18:54:01 UTC

The first one is really dependent on screen alpha. I’m using a laptop, where the alpha depends on the angle of the screen, and it looks great when the screen’s angled strongly towards me, but awful if I angle it to where it normally is. The second one doesn’t have that problem.


05-17-2011 19:07:51 UTC

While I do like the first one, the second one is easier to read.  That’s why I prefer the second one.


05-17-2011 20:17:14 UTC

for =)