Monday, July 07, 2014


Any response from 75th Trombone and/or new information on the issue?



08-07-2014 09:12:02 UTC

Not that I know of. I’ll send Excalabur an e-mail. He’s done maintenance and repair work for us in the past and, IIRC, he also has the keys to the castle.

Kevan: he/him

08-07-2014 09:56:16 UTC

I emailed Trombone last Monday and pointed him at the blog entry about it, so either he’s not had time to look (I think he might be moving house at the moment) or a spam filter ate my email.

Is it maybe worth using a temporary off-site wiki for the ruleset, so that we can carry on playing? So far as I can see the blog is fine apart from the error message at the top.


08-07-2014 10:06:19 UTC

Kevan, did you use the e-mail console or a separate client to send the e-mail? I just noticed that I didn’t receive a copy of my email to Excalabur even though I ticked the box, and a test email I sent to myself just now did not arrive (nor did the notification email for a pm). This leads me to suspect that the e-mail console might be broken as well.

Kevan: he/him

08-07-2014 11:16:45 UTC

Oh dear to the email being broken. But no, I emailed him outside of that.


08-07-2014 12:01:11 UTC

I’ll send Excalabur another email outside the blognomic client just to be safe.

I’ve also sent Kevan another test email through the client to confirm if it’s actually broken; maybe it just blocks messages sent to oneself for some reason.

To respond to your earlier comment, using a temporary wiki might be a sensible solution, yes.

Incidentally, my current plan for continuing the game is the following:

1: Toll the Bell as soon as we have a usable wiki (it had probably been close to 48 hours since the last Tolling when the trouble started, anyway)
2: Send each Assassin their Position, Target and the last few bits of information they received by PM, so that everyone gets an alert that the game is back and knows what their personal gamestate is.
3: Wait another 3-4 days before idling anyone due to inactivity.

If anyone strongly objects to the Referee performing the first two steps, they should speak up soonish.

Kevan: he/him

08-07-2014 16:06:49 UTC

No sign of that test email, I’m afraid.

Kevan: he/him

09-07-2014 20:15:33 UTC

I gave 75th a reluctant nudge on Facebook and it turns out to be as I thought, Dreamhost automatically updated PHP last week and this broke a few things. He’s dialled the relevant dials back to where they were, and it looks like we have a wiki and an errorless blog again. Three cheers.


10-07-2014 06:59:38 UTC

Huzzah! The sidebar is now convinced that I “have [2^32-1] new messages”, but that is a small price to pay to get our wiki back.