Friday, March 06, 2009

Next theme maybe?

As usual, I am gonna jump the shark and jump start the debate on which dynastic theme we should do next. I know people might still be playing through this dynasty, but due to its low response rates and little proposal activity (and the little activity there is seems to focus simply on fixing the combat system mostly), I can’t but see it going downhill.

So what should it be next?



03-06-2009 07:00:49 UTC

Myself a propose a Sequel dynasty: rules shall be recycled from another dynasty and mixed together: specially victory conditions that contradict each other.


03-06-2009 07:57:00 UTC

I plan on a LOL based dynasty (the LOL cat dynasty) or an assassination dynasty should I win, but would not mind them being done my another.


03-06-2009 12:40:55 UTC

If you’ve decided not to play a particular dynasty, that’s fine, just wait for the next one. It’s a bit rude for an idle player to interrupt the game by talking loudly about what else we could be playing instead.


03-06-2009 14:15:41 UTC

arth: That sounds the same as “Franken-Dynasty”.

Wak 1: I can has lolcat dynasty:

Wak 2: No comment, given how you’ve revealed that idea before in a proposal to make yourself win.


03-06-2009 14:16:47 UTC

Kevan: Wait… arth is… idle?

*checks the player list*

Omfig wittef.


03-06-2009 15:01:20 UTC

@Kevan: Why? We have been doing this since the last 5 dynasties or so. It becomes rude specifically when it is me doing it?


03-06-2009 15:21:32 UTC

I can’t find the link, but I think someone was shushed during your dynasty for piping up with “so, anyway” suggestions for the next theme, mid-game.

I was idle before that, so maybe I missed a new tradition, but an idle player coming back to tell us how the game we “might still be playing” is doomed and we should start discussing ideas for the next one seems fairly impolite.


03-07-2009 04:43:11 UTC

Well, it’s been more understood ever since DC started throwing stuff out there a while ago. Although, honestly, it seems more fair when you’re actually in the Dynasty.


03-07-2009 07:29:08 UTC

Several players before have made comments while idle, and even made posts (as there is nothing to prevent that). Furthermore, the General is not really very active anymore, which makes it clear that the dynasty is indeed coming to an end.

Also, even if my status is Idle, I am still considered a player of this game, and given that in that state I have no ability to vote, I guess I should at least be allowed to express my opinion somehow (unless as you say, it simply doesn’t matter because I am idle or because it discusses something which you label as impolite).


03-07-2009 14:57:05 UTC

Nobody’s suppressing your free speech, here. I’m just saying that I thought your post was inappropriate.