Wednesday, September 28, 2005

no invasion?

Should I propose another version of invasion rules or give it up? Maybe we should go in a more economic direction and less of a military one? What about making a Bond Market? Or each Country could issue its own currency for a Currency Market? Does anyone know anything about those subjects?



09-28-2005 17:25:16 UTC

I have a suggestion. Put a condition saying that all but 1 Country must have 3 or more territories before anyone can be invaded. This would make everyone race to make sure that they are not the country that gets counquered by the others when everyone else has 3 territories.


09-28-2005 18:57:33 UTC


Invasions = Good.  The biggest problem atm is that the attacks are very disparate in their goodosity, and make invading somewhat easier than it should be.


09-30-2005 14:35:35 UTC

Bonds market is too complicated to simulate in this environment. Currency Market would be fine, if you all want it. I can come with a proposal for it if people want it.

As for military x economy, I like both, though I’m coming with more proposals moving towards military.