Thursday, January 08, 2009

No more secrecy!

The fowl members of GNO have taken to abusing their secrecy and trying to scam in victory behind everyone’s back. Thus obviously shouldn’t fly by BLO or MIC. I suggest that BLO and MIC join forces and rise up against them and their plot to put the traitor known as Darth Cliche on the thrown.

Here is their so called “secret” encryption algorithm. If they try to change it, I suggest infiltrating their ranks like I have done and stopping them at the source

i’m using the RSA applet on this website.  we can change if need be or one of you guys finds a better one.

but for now here’s how it goes.

P = 23291
Q = 101183

type those values in for P and Q.

click the calculate N, generate E, and calculate D buttons.

then copy/paste the string to be encrypted into the third box from the bottom.  click CONVERT TO NUMBER, and some numbers should appear.  this is the ciphertext, and what you should put in your proposal (after SHHHH)

to decrypt, you take the ciphertext, paste it into the second box from the bottom, and click CONVERT TO TEXT.  if you follow these instructions, you should get a legible message.

here’s a lil test string:




01-08-2009 07:48:23 UTC

Thank you, sir.


01-08-2009 14:53:08 UTC


How does Yoda scamming to make me win make me a traitor?


01-08-2009 14:54:36 UTC

Actually, the encryption scheme is “convert to base 256 and interpret as ascii”.


01-08-2009 14:58:05 UTC

Sorry, that’s the decryption side.  The encryption scheme is “interpret the ASCII representation as an integer and convert to base 10.”


01-08-2009 15:39:55 UTC

Darth’s right.  He had nothing to do with the planning of my proposals.  Please don’t punish him for simply following along.  Besides, who in their right mind would vote against somthing that could possibly help them achieve victory?


01-08-2009 17:22:51 UTC

Besides, Clucky is the traitor for revealing our secret encryption.


01-08-2009 21:19:23 UTC

Grrrr…. New encryption time. I have an idea that i’ll send to MOST Gno members