Friday, April 20, 2018


I’m going to be offline until Monday, plan proposals accordingly. I won’t be able to enact the ones that are pending right now either.



22-04-2018 01:24:17 UTC

Hello my friends,

I would like to become Unidle. And stood awhile in thought.


22-04-2018 01:33:24 UTC

PS: These are the last three sentences in Special Case rule “Mutual Victory”:

“If two rules exist that apart from the words “hearts”, “spades”, or their conjugations have the same text, they should both be repealed and a new rule should be created with the same text excluding those words. This rule cannot be overruled by Dynastic Rules. This rule becomes repealed when a valid Ascension Address is posted. “

Obviously “This rule” in the last two sentences refer to the new rule created, and not to rule “Mutual Victory”, right? So Diabecko and card would remain co-regents in the next dynasty…


23-04-2018 15:16:24 UTC

Hello Cpt Koen.
No, those sentences refer to the Mutal Victory rule.