Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Proposal: Not so fungible

Timed out and passed, 7-1. Josh

Adminned at 01 Jun 2012 04:46:53 UTC

Add the following to the end of the second paragraph of the sub-rule entitled “Victory”:

Any other pending Declarations of Victory for a dynasty fail if a Declaration of Victory for that dynasty is passed. A Time Monk may only Declare Victory in a Dynasty they are currently occupying. If a Time Monk ever has a pending Declaration of Victory in a dynasty that they are not currently occupying then it may not be enacted, and may be failed by any admin.

Those last two posts courtesy of Clucky and Bucky.



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Kevan: City he/him

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Clucky: he/him

30-05-2012 15:24:34 UTC

Does this work?

“When a DoV is enacted, all other active DoVs are failed, and a new Dynasty begins with the Time Monk who made the DoV as its Time Buddha.”

note that you don’t need to “achieve victory” for a DoV to pass. You also don’t need it for a DoV to be created. I think there is a reasonable argument to be made that if your DoV for Dynasty 33 passes, then that DoV was enacted so all other active DoVs are failed and a new Dynasty begins.

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against , because it will cause extreme annoyance if there is ever a way to change another Monk’s Dynasty (e.g. while they have a pending DoV).  There is a dynastic rule from a past Dynasty that would Permit such a tactic.


31-05-2012 14:40:58 UTC