Monday, April 30, 2018

Proposal: Off with their heads!

reached quorum 6-0 with 2 def votes enacted by card

Adminned at 02 May 2018 02:03:18 UTC

Create a sticky story post called “The Ballot Box”.

Add a new rule, “The Election”:

A comment:
* on The Ballot Box,
* of the form “I vote for X”, where X is the name of a Candidate,
* that is not a vote from a Pawn for themselves,
* does not have a more recent valid vote from the same poster, and
* is posted before 0:01 on May 5 (“Closing Time”)
is considered to be a valid Vote from the comment’s poster for X.
At Closing Time, the Candidate who has received the most valid votes has achieved victory. If there is a tie for the most valid votes, and if this resolution has not already been done, any Pawn may note which Candidates are tied and resolve the tie randomly with the GNDT. The selection of this random pick achieves victory.

Candidates are the Pawns named:

To the list of Candidates in this rule, add the name of each Pawn that has made a comment that includes the string “Pick me!” on this proposal.



01-05-2018 01:13:23 UTC



01-05-2018 02:34:27 UTC

“Pick me!” for


01-05-2018 06:02:23 UTC


Kevan: he/him

01-05-2018 08:01:45 UTC

“the Candidate who has received the most valid votes has achieved victory” - if I make ten ballot comments in a row nominating Cuddlebeam, each of those ten votes are valid at the time I made them. How many valid votes has Cuddlebeam received during the Ballot? (Other Votable Matters deliberately use the present tense here: “It has a number of FOR Votes”.)

Also seems unnecessarily risky reusing the word “vote” here. Anyone who votes on a proposal or CfJ after posting to the ballot box will have their ballot vote invalidated.

I guess we have a few days to fix this up, though.


(“Pick me!”)


01-05-2018 11:34:21 UTC

A “Pick me!” before this closes


01-05-2018 16:57:53 UTC

I think it would only be fair to allow at least 24 hours for Cpt_Koen to see this and at least have the opportunity of being on the ballot. So I’ll wait ‘till then before enacting it.

Thunder: he/him

01-05-2018 20:22:39 UTC

“Pick me!”

Thunder: he/him

01-05-2018 20:24:49 UTC

“Pick me!”


01-05-2018 22:01:37 UTC

“Pick me!”

Thank you card.

I feel very entitled to winning, given how active I have been during this dynasty!


01-05-2018 22:04:17 UTC