Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Proposal: Official buyouts

Self-killed - coppro

Adminned at 13 Apr 2011 07:42:08 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule, “Official Buyouts”:

A Sheep (the Usurper) who owns at least 2 Baabucks and does not hold an Official Position can transfer 2 Baabucks to a Sheep(the Incumbent)  who holds an Official Position, in order to cause the Incumbent to cease to hold an official position, and the Usurper to hold that position.

Wow, this was hard to word correctly. The idea is to make sure that Official Positions with no or trivial Duties are not safe for life, but ousting them costs somewhat and gives a bonus to the sheep being sheephandled out of the office.



04-12-2011 21:28:10 UTC

If rule “I Owe Ewe” passes, there won’t be a net cost to oust the Baanker, because the new Baanker can immediately pay himself 2 Baabucks as a weekly action.


04-12-2011 22:49:57 UTC



04-13-2011 00:57:00 UTC



04-13-2011 01:40:52 UTC

against .  Needs a ‘no tagbacks’ clause.


04-13-2011 02:01:45 UTC

against Baagreed.


04-13-2011 05:35:34 UTC

s/k against Bucky’s right. It should at least be a weekly, and probably have a restriction on how often it can happen on any given office, too.