Sunday, April 17, 2011

Proposal: Official ousting, attempt 2

Times out and passes at 11-3. -Purplebeard

Adminned at 19 Apr 2011 01:41:22 UTC

Create a new rule, “Ousting”, with the following text:

As a weekly action, a Sheep can Oust an Official Position currently held by some Sheep by spending 2 Baabucks. Upon doing so, the position in question ceases to be held, and the Sheep who held it just before the Ousting gains 2 Baabucks; additionally, daily and weekly actions described in that Office’s Powers cannot be performed for 48 hours.

The same idea as before, with a few additional safeguards: there are some frequency safeguards (tying it to a weekly action, putting a timeout on actions associated with the official position), and some eligibility safeguards (instead of getting the position automatically, you have to make it vacant then take it yourself (possibly in the same GNDT update), which improve the interactions between this and hypothetical proposals that might want to modify how official positions are filled).



17-04-2011 09:14:11 UTC

against This would make the game too chaotic for my taste. I would only even /consider/ voting “for” on a rule like this if the price was raised to 10 baabucks or higher. A proposal like this would leave no time for new officials to get used to their position for someone ousting them of it. Plus, it doesn’t seem fair to oust an official even if they’re performing dutifully.


17-04-2011 09:23:38 UTC

@Axmann: What would you want the game to become? What’s your view for this dynasty? Your ideas about what the game should be like seem quite different from mine, and that’s OK; but if I know what they are, I’m more likely to produce proposals you like. (Are you trying to win, by the way? Or just to participate?)

Note that we’re building a game, not a community; you can expect lots of corruption and backstabbing, etc., in the dynastic rules. (We are a community, but that’s what the core rules are for, as compared to the dynastics.) Note that 2 Baabucks is actually quite a lot, it’s a weekly Official salary; and if you had to spend five weeks saving up to perform one action, I imagine people might get bored of the lack of things to do.


17-04-2011 16:08:35 UTC

for I would prefer 3 myself


17-04-2011 17:04:24 UTC


Roujo: he/him

17-04-2011 18:52:24 UTC


Kevan: he/him

17-04-2011 20:47:47 UTC

for Dynaties tend to last about a month, by the way, Axmann, so something costing five weeks’ salary is probably too much. (We should probably put the average dynasty duration in the FAQ, really.)


17-04-2011 21:13:55 UTC



17-04-2011 21:22:08 UTC

@Kevan, I computed it out and I’ve found that the average length of the last 15 dynasties is 21.5 days long, assuming the wiki is correct.

Darknight: he/him

17-04-2011 22:09:35 UTC

for @Winner: Seems about right. Other then how the April Fools dynatsy from last yr worked out lol.


17-04-2011 22:43:19 UTC

If you get ousted you can just immediately reclaim your position imperial

Kevan: he/him

18-04-2011 05:57:55 UTC

[Winner] Over the history of the whole game, it’s significantly longer - from the start of the first “round” until the end of the most recent dynasty has been 3010 days, and dividing that by 88 gives 34.2 days as the average dynasty length. Would be good to see an actual bell curve, though.

[Travis] No, we fixed that.


18-04-2011 06:02:57 UTC

Travis: Your Admin Herder deadline is within 48 hours in regards to every proposal *EXCEPT*, “Record Keeper”.

udqbpn: Your Animal Welfare Administrator deadline is within 48 hours.


18-04-2011 11:47:26 UTC


Josh: he/him

18-04-2011 12:25:50 UTC

@Kevan - I’ve bashed out a list of dynasties by duration, which you can find here - feel free to have a play.

Josh: he/him

18-04-2011 12:45:22 UTC

(Some initial things that stand out: Dynasties have gotten more homogenous since around 40 onwards; dynasties up until 40 seem to average at a month by default, instead tending to come in at either more than 40 days or fewer than 20, with only a few in between:

Meanwhile, 34 days is the most common dynasty length, but the functional window for for dynasty lengths is between 19 and 43 days:

Also, interestingly, July is the least common month for successful DoVs.)


18-04-2011 14:13:16 UTC



18-04-2011 14:51:49 UTC

Ooh, I love graphs.

Apparently, 2010 had the highest amount of DoVs in a single year so far with a staggering 15 (including Roujo’s in Kevan’s Seventh). The lowest was 8 in 2006.


18-04-2011 16:10:30 UTC

for Would prefer 3 B$ anyway.
I’d like to see the dynasty length against number of sheeps graph. (Maybe I’m going to do it with the active players at the end of the dynasty, today I’m so bored)


18-04-2011 23:17:34 UTC

CoV against , as I think it should be more expensive.


19-04-2011 00:26:09 UTC

CoV against , I don’t think the ousted sheep should receive the money.


19-04-2011 05:39:10 UTC