Saturday, November 08, 2014

Old wiki available for a limited time

For those of you not following along with the Maintenance post from a few days ago, the old wiki is now living on a different server:

You can now log in there and port over anything you like that didn’t make the import. I’ll leave it running until at least January 1, and possibly longer, depending on what I decide to do with that server after my initial two months run out.



11-08-2014 15:25:23 UTC

Thanks! I’ve copied over all the templates, and the (two) categories that had any contents and had descriptions.

All we’re missing now is the 83 images (mostly icons for the Arena dynasty and some dynastic headers). There are some scripts that could be run on the server to shuffle these in and out, but if we split the workload up we could transfer them manually, easily enough.