Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Proposal: One-eyed Bandits

quorum reached. Passed 6-1.—Clucky

Adminned at 28 Feb 2008 13:22:38 UTC

Add a new rule called “Slot Machines” to the rule set. Give it the following text:

As a daily action, a player may wager a positive amount of money on the slot machines. To do this, he decreases his money by X where X is a positive integer value, called his wager. A player may not wager more money than he actually has.

The player doing the wager then rolls a DICE10 DICE10 DICE10. These three dice are called the first slot, second slot and third slot respectively.

If the second slot and the third slot are the same number, but the first slot is not, the player gains X *  Y money where X was his wager and Y was the value of the matching pair in the dice rolls.

If all three slots show the same number, the player gets 10 * X * Y money where X was his wager and Y was the value of the matching triplet in the dice rolls.



02-28-2008 00:04:52 UTC

I like this.  for


02-28-2008 00:08:12 UTC

Oh, and just for reference, assuming there is no 0, the slot pays 10%.  If there is 0, the slot breaks even.


02-28-2008 00:11:06 UTC

Sorry, if there is a 0, the slot takes 13%.


02-28-2008 00:19:56 UTC



02-28-2008 00:51:15 UTC

By my quick math, payoff is actually 4.5%. So much for sinking money from the economy…


02-28-2008 02:19:01 UTC

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55
10 * 55 = 550
550 + 550 = 1100

So for each $1000 spent, you would expect to receive $1100 = 10% payoff.


02-28-2008 02:28:05 UTC

um no, you are double counting. You take the X99 case and say there are 10 of those, which is correct, except you get 90 from 999, not 99.

Thus, it is 495 + 550 or 4.95% payoff.


02-28-2008 03:48:01 UTC



02-28-2008 03:50:21 UTC



02-28-2008 05:13:56 UTC

Ahhh, I stand corrected, Clucky.


02-28-2008 06:38:15 UTC



02-28-2008 06:39:04 UTC

We can all change our profile pictures to old grandmas playing slot machines.

In cowboy boots.


02-28-2008 07:43:12 UTC

Woohoo… its gonna pass. Now we just need to wait a few more hours. =P


02-28-2008 13:35:56 UTC

Actually, Jack, you are seated, so you sit corrected. :)


02-28-2008 14:13:17 UTC

If anyone puts all their money in, and actually wins, they’d most likely automatically win the dynasty…


02-28-2008 14:19:22 UTC

because the house, and not the player, should have the advantage in the long run (based on the arithmetic analysis shown above)