Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Call for Judgment: Optional reset

Reached quorum, 13-0. Enacted by TyGuy6.

Adminned at 20 Jan 2022 06:58:16 UTC

If silverwing has not voted on this CfJ, and this CfJ has been pending for less than 24 hours, it cannot be enacted.

If Silverwing’s vote on this CfJ is against, this CfJ does nothing.

Increase Silverwing’s options by 1, decrease Silverwing’s vesting by $19

Josh double performed the sale action today, and also mistakenly gave everyone in Sales 1 option after performing the second sale even though only team members get their options increased, and team is defined by “you and everyone in your department you manage”. This made silverwing think they had 2 options with a $22 company value, even though they only had 1 option with a $19 company value.

As they were simply reacting to what they thought the gamestate was, seems reasonable to let them undo their option sale.


Silverwing: she/her

18-01-2022 20:55:02 UTC


Silverwing: she/her

18-01-2022 20:55:45 UTC

By the way I’m a she I just don’t know how to make it say that.

Silverwing: she/her

18-01-2022 20:57:23 UTC

By the way at the time the company budget was 22:00.

Clucky: he/him

18-01-2022 20:57:52 UTC

you can go to “my account” in the top right of the main blog, then go to “edit profile” on the lefthand menu, then scroll down and select your pronouns and turn “show my pronoun tags” to yes

Silverwing: she/her

18-01-2022 20:58:13 UTC

CoV against  This proposal is inacurate.

Clucky: he/him

18-01-2022 20:58:36 UTC

@Silverwing it was 19 because Josh couldn’t sell the one box due to having already performed a sale action today

Silverwing: she/her

18-01-2022 21:00:43 UTC

Oh. I missed what happened on the company portal. CoV for

Brendan: he/him

18-01-2022 21:04:00 UTC


Raven1207: he/him

18-01-2022 22:01:15 UTC


Josh: he/him

18-01-2022 22:19:45 UTC



18-01-2022 22:36:11 UTC


SupernovaStarbright: she/they

19-01-2022 04:38:44 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

19-01-2022 10:59:27 UTC



19-01-2022 14:12:05 UTC


Zack: he/him

19-01-2022 20:20:32 UTC


Darknight: he/him

19-01-2022 22:10:21 UTC