Friday, March 17, 2017

Call for Judgment: Oracular Rufio Issue.

Fails 1-7. — Quirck

Adminned at 20 Mar 2017 07:09:56 UTC

It’s come to my attention that Oracular Rufio persistently invests a significant portion of his efforts on BlogNomic towards harassing me, mocking me, or inciting others to do so. I believe that these actions don’t constitute sportsmanlike Nomic play. Instead, he is using the tools provided to attempt to grief me, and that the extent of him doing this has gone beyond the scope of being simple jest. And I’m honestly very uncomfortable with how far its going.

Examples of his efforts in this regard is the proposal “Time Out” to mock my CfJ activity, his multiple comments to attempt to incite others to join him in harassing me, for example In

I would be in favor of a version where this is mandatory only for Cuddlebeam.

Proposed Punishment: Idle Oracular Rufio once this CfJ passes. (He is free to rejoin/unidle as normal).



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03-17-2017 22:13:11 UTC

I would appreciate if everyone would abstain from mockery, bullying and potentially hurtful banter. It’s just a game, but bullying is real in any context, and unacceptable. Please stop it.

It would also be appreciated if you could consider that if you think that a commonly maintained property is vulnerable in some way it’s counterproductive to break it by way of demonstration. It is effective short term, and maybe fun, but in the long run really not the best way. Stop and think, please.

I’m short: cool it, all. This dynasty was engineered to create tension,  but let’s keep it in-game. You’re both showing a lack of sportspersonship, and I will eventually get cross.


03-17-2017 22:13:59 UTC

against Can’t you guys just pm each other to work this out? Or use the slack?

Let’s not pretend that you are so innocent either, in the comments from “Bookkeeping” ( you tried to “get back” at him for harassing you, which I wouldn’t consider sportsmanlike behavior.

It seems to have turned slightly personal on both fronts really.


03-17-2017 22:28:07 UTC

Õ against Õ
this is my serious face. Not having either of this.


03-17-2017 23:15:50 UTC

Alright. I’ll take it into account.

Oracular rufio:

03-18-2017 00:05:31 UTC


I have not been mocking you, my proposals and comments are in serious.  (I am also not a man.)  I am trying to rein you in a bit, because you are making the game tedious and unenjoyable.

With my proposal, I wanted to encourage you to think before you make a CFJ, maybe consider whether it really needs to be a CFJ or if it could be a typo edit to the ruleset, or a regular proposal.  Maybe you would ask someone else to post the CFJ for you, thereby getting an additional point of view about whether it needs to be a CFJ.

The reason I want you to have to post your sequences of actions to the blog is that you’ve shown a tendency to ignore or forget the rules and the gamestate, and if you post your actions to the blog first it makes it easier for the rest of us to undo your actions later.  You can still do whatever you want, pull whatever “scams” you come up with, we’ll just have a paper trail.


03-18-2017 14:57:49 UTC

Both noted.
Also: yep, don’t assume genders. We are here, too, guys.


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03-18-2017 17:55:18 UTC


Lets work this out peacefully folks.