Saturday, March 11, 2017

Proposal: Parental Instinct

Quorums 9-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 13 Mar 2017 12:57:52 UTC

To the list of organs add:

Egg Sack: An egg sack may spend one of each nutrient to lay an egg cluster in the cell the creature is in, if that cell contains no neighbors that are not seaweed. Its state is unfertilized, it has no fathers yet, its cell is the current cell, and its mother is the organ that laid it.

Enact a new rule, “Egg Clusters”

egg clusters are tracked on the Habitat Map as numbers, in order of creation, with the first egg sack being numbered one.

An egg cluster that shares a cell with a neighbor that is not seaweed at any time is changed to the stage “Destroyed”

The map of habitat tracks the following information about each egg cluster:
*Number: A unique number, starting at 1 for the first egg cluster and counting upward by 1
*Location: A location on the habitat map.
*Mother: The organ that laid the egg cluster.
*Fathers: The name(s) of the organ(s), if any, that have fertilized the eggs, along with the number of times they have done so.
*Stage: One of the following (in order): Unfertilized, Needs Blonium, Needs Gonium, Needs Nomium, Needs Miconium, Mature, and Destroyed.

This is a maternal creature, that cares for its young—at least before they hatch.

Each egg cluster will have one mother, but many fathers, as each egg will only produce a single organ.

This setup intentionally requires both nutrients and location to be correct to produce young. Laying the egg cluster is also intentionally expensive and difficult.

The rule is intentionally left unfinished.



03-11-2017 18:14:26 UTC

An egg cluster that shares a cell with a neighbor at any time is changed to the stage “Destroyed”

I’m not certain whether you want sea weed, mussels or tube worms can kill egg sacks.


03-11-2017 18:41:45 UTC

Will they eat us? I hope not. I hope they eat other things that aren’t us. We will find out. Scary business but rewarding. Maybe.


03-11-2017 19:28:44 UTC

Right now those can’t move, and brine pools and vents are deadly. With seaweed it doesn’t provide enough protective cover. And only exists In one place


03-11-2017 19:37:39 UTC

Sea Weed will be in each newly scouted location, since the “Life” proposal has passed.

Oracular rufio:

03-11-2017 19:53:01 UTC

I read it as sea weed can’t be anywhere, because it only gets placed when scouted, and once scouted any cell without a feature gets a feature.  This happens immediately, whereas neighbors appearing happens afterward.

[Derrick] “The cell and its mother is the organ that laid it.”  The cell [...] is the organ that laid it?  That doesn’t make sense.


03-11-2017 21:03:12 UTC

SEA420 #yolo #swag


03-11-2017 22:20:36 UTC

[Oracular rufio] I read it that it would always add sea weed since the ocellus action reads “If the location examined is named “Foggy Location” the organ may change it’s name to “Scouted Location” and then add one random terrain feature to that location.”

So when scouting the first thing that happens is checking the locations name, so if there’s no features sea weed is added. And since adding a feature in would be during scouting it also spawns some other neighbor.


03-12-2017 00:45:51 UTC


“The cell and its mother is the organ that laid it.”
is now:
“its cell is the current cell, and its mother is the organ that laid it”


I’ve excluded seaweed.

Oracular rufio:

03-12-2017 01:35:44 UTC

Ok, that makes more sense.

imperial for now.


03-12-2017 04:51:46 UTC

for Sure


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03-12-2017 18:01:54 UTC

for interesting.


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