Saturday, December 29, 2007

Passing it off

Last time I hosted I had an awesome dynasty but didn’t have time to run it properly. So I don’t want to repeat that same mistake until summer. Aaronwinborn is now the Allfather and may post eir AA whenever he so wishes or pass it off to someone else.

Aaron never confirmed waiting to be in charge of a dynasty, so if it goes a couple of days without any reply from Aaron we can use a CfJ to put spike in charge and let him run his poker dynasty.



12-29-2007 20:26:23 UTC

He can just pass the mantle again, if he doesn’t want to head up the new Dynasty. He doesn’t appear to have been active since the 24th, though - I’ll send him a private message to let him know that he’s won…


12-29-2007 21:34:40 UTC

Right. But if for some reason he doesn’t come back we would need to use the CfJ to put someone else in charge.


12-29-2007 22:10:56 UTC

either way i’m ready for a new dynasty lol. btw kev, you unidle or just stopping by right now


12-29-2007 22:26:40 UTC

Just passing through.