Saturday, August 04, 2012

Proposal: Path to the Victory, take two

Open for more than 12 hours, quorums 4-0. — Quirck

Adminned at 05 Aug 2012 14:50:14 UTC

Add a new rule named “Sacred Things” with the text

There is a Sacred Word initially known only to the Demon. The Sacred Word is a four-letter English word. Each English letter that occurs in the Sacred Word is called a Sacred Letter. Each Amulet is associated with exactly one Sacred Letter, which means that given the id of an Amulet, the Demon can name the Sacred Letter associated with that Amulet.

Add a subrule to this rule named “Exorcism Attempt” and saying

As a weekly action, a Farmer may perform an Exorcism Attempt by sending a private message (PM) to the Demon with the topic “Exorcism Attempt” specifying a four-letter English word which he believes is the Sacred Word. If the Farmer names the Sacred Word correctly and at the time the PM is sent his Manuls possess at least one Amulet associated with the first letter of the Sacred Word and at least one Amulet associated with its last letter, the Demon should announce that Farmer’s name in a blog post headed “Successful Exorcism”, and that Farmer may achieve victory. Otherwise the Demon should send a reply specifying that the Exorcism Attempt has failed.

Add a subrule to this rule named “Secret Disclosure” with the text

As a daily action, a Farmer may choose an Amulet possessed by his Manuls and send a private message to the Demon with the topic “Secret Disclosure” containing the id of that Amulet. The Demon should then send a reply specifying the Sacred Letter that Amulet is associated with.

With some more definitions :) If you wish to clarify the wording, please suggest or propose your alternatives.



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