Saturday, July 20, 2013

Proposal: Phonics are Fun

Self-Killed / Skju

Adminned at 21 Jul 2013 08:54:04 UTC

Amend the rule “(o)” to read:

There is a GNDT column labeled “Eyes” which defaults to 1. All split-complex numbers are valid values of Eyes and should be simplified or else written in the form a+bj, where j != ±1, and j² = +1. If a Player doesn’t have an Image, their Real Eyes (a) must be set to 0. If a Player doesn’t have a Style, their Imaginary Eyes (b) must be set to 0.

A Player with 0 Eyes may be called a “Debtor”. A Player with a positive integer number of Real Eyes may be called a “Phone” and described as “Phonic”.

If the proposal “Eyeless in Gaza” passed, append to the rule “(o)”:

Each Image and each Style contains a number of Sockets, equal to the number of the top level section that item is listed in on the Wikipedia link (eg. “Everyday life” items have 7 Sockets, while “Science” items have 10).

As a weekly Action, a Phone may set their Real Eyes to any integer value between 1 and 24 (inclusive). If a Player’s Real Eyes value is greater than the total number of Sockets in their Image and Style, and also greater than 1, then that Player is Impossible. If it can be proven that a Player was Impossible at some time during the current Dynasty, then that Player cannot declare Victory.

Title says it all.



20-07-2013 07:13:57 UTC

against After the last dynasty we should probably keep this one accessible to non-mathy players.

Josh: he/they

20-07-2013 07:27:03 UTC

against I have no idea what this rule is saying.


20-07-2013 12:50:05 UTC

against per Purplebeard

RaichuKFM: she/her

20-07-2013 13:46:19 UTC

against Hey I actually know what this is saying. That said, an imaginary number that is the square root of one but isn’t positive or negative one is out of my league.


20-07-2013 16:11:46 UTC

against Sorry. Should have thought about that some more.


20-07-2013 16:13:13 UTC

But should we have two-part eyes, for Image and Style?

Clucky: he/him

20-07-2013 16:21:04 UTC

against per Purplebeard/Josh


21-07-2013 05:52:34 UTC