Friday, March 05, 2010

Proposal: Pimp My Shed

Timed out 12 votes to 0. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 Mar 2010 06:50:02 UTC

Reword the second paragraph of Rule 2.4 (Workshops) to:-

At any time, a Commoner may attach an Invention they own to their Workshop, by updating the [[Inventions]] wiki page accordingly - Inventions which are attached to Workshops (and only those Inventions) must have “(attached to Workshop)” after their name.

In the list of Requirements for Workshop types, replace “must have” with “must have Inventions with”, and replace “This workshop requires a precision lens, a thermometer and fireproof walls.” with:-

The workshop must have Inventions with a precision lens, a thermometer and fireproof walls attached to it.

Replace “All commoners have at least one workshop, which can exist in various forms and have various characteristics. New Commoners start with one Junkyard workshop. ” with:-

All Commoners have a Workshop, which can exist in various forms and have various characteristics. New Commoners start with a Junkyard workshop.

Remove “The land upon which to build further additional Junkyard Workshops needs to be bought from the Mad Prince, who may chose when, how many, and at what price to sell at his own discretion.” and “/ Mad-Prince defined” from Rule 2.4.

Tidying up the slightly vague mechanic of Parts being attached directly to Workshops - it’s not clear exactly how they come into play, or whether Income is deducted. This makes it so that you can only attach completed and paid-for Inventions to your Workshop.

Also cutting the multiple Workshops, which seem like too much effort to track the details of right now - if I have two identical Dirigibles and attach an Electromagnetic Coil to one of them, it’s not clear how I’m supposed to track that (or how I’m able to use the Coil when I’m out flying the other one).


Josh: HE/HIM

03-05-2010 11:19:21 UTC

imperial I’d still like to have some sort of multiple-workshop mechanic, but it can always be proposed and fleshed out later. While the parts-on-inventions fix makes sense, it’s thematically a bit weird and forces people down the throat of that ugly Invention Power Requirment equation. I’d really seen workshops as being big, flying inventions that you can live in, rather than something that you can live in that unrelatedly houses inventions. I’ll defer on the basis of ambivalence.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-05-2010 11:31:07 UTC

I don’t see it as making much difference thematically - instead of having Telescopic Legs suddenly appear on your Workshop (and I’m really not clear on how that works under the current rule), you just have to sit down and Invent something that includes “Telescopic Legs” first. With the option to put your own personalised spin on them by adding Teak Panelling and a Heatsink, or whatever else suits your purpose.


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03-05-2010 17:17:47 UTC

for I don’t really see how this violate’s Josh’s flavour idea. (Perhaps it would be clearer if a Workshop Attachment was cheap and along the list of parts?) The idea’s that you construct a huge workshop mobility defense platform, strap your workshop into it, and away you go! And this works better rules-wise.


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Ienpw III:

03-05-2010 23:35:50 UTC

imperial until I get around to reading it.


03-06-2010 02:45:11 UTC


Darknight: HE/HIM

03-06-2010 03:19:43 UTC



03-06-2010 13:13:44 UTC

for, but we need a way to have more than one workshop and aix’s sell should work…


03-07-2010 08:50:44 UTC