Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Proposal: Plugging a minor loophole


Adminned at 27 Feb 2007 11:54:17 UTC

Add to the end of the Motions rule:

An Iudex may edit freely any Motion e has posted to the Motions Page if, and only if, such Motion has not been seconded yet. A Motion that has been seconded or marked as Lost may not be edited, except as mandated by any of its subsidiary Motions. A Motion may not be edited by an Iudex other than its mover.



02-27-2007 11:24:19 UTC



02-27-2007 15:02:47 UTC

The first sentence is good, but the second and third are already covered under the “The Gamestate can only be altered…” clause in 1.1.  That is, unless you really mean to so restrict all possible edits authorized by other parts of the Ruleset.  Such as…

Once a non-subsidiary Motion is signed as Adopted, the text “I move the adoption of the following resolution,” shall be substituted by “It is resolved by The Iudices Assembled that”

This rule is hindered by both your second and third proposed sentences. against


02-27-2007 15:08:23 UTC

against per hix


02-27-2007 19:52:53 UTC

against S-K