Sunday, June 14, 2015

Proposal: Pragmatic Argumentation

Number of Kaiju not voting AGAINST is less than Quorum. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 15 Jun 2015 16:28:22 UTC

Add a subrule to “Alliances” called “Nemeses”:-

Each Kaiju may have a Nemesis, being another Kaiju (or idle Kaiju), and this is tracked privately by the Attendant. Kaiju have no Nemeses by default, and being a Nemesis is not automatically reciprocal. If a Kaiju has no Nemesis, it may select one by sending a private message to the Attendant to this effect.

When the Attendant calls a meeting of the Kaiju Court, every Kaiju who has a higher Prestige than their Nemesis gains 5 Prestige, and every Kaiju who has a lower Prestige than their Nemesis gains 1 Lab Token. (If a Kaiju’s Nemesis is Idle or not a Kaiju or if the Kaiju has the same Prestige as their Nemesis, nothing happens.)

Sound the Cannons, but with the “loss” value actually a gain of its own.



06-14-2015 17:41:49 UTC

for We can patch “pick a new nemesis if yours idles” later, I think.


06-14-2015 17:58:00 UTC



06-14-2015 19:18:16 UTC

against I’m still anti the “every Kaiju who has a higher Prestige than their Nemesis gains 5 Prestige” clause, as it just means that every player except the weakest will gain 5 Prestige each turn, and the weakest will only get 1 token. The model where the players get a bonus reward for being in a materially stronger position anyway is just not good, to my mind.


06-14-2015 19:24:40 UTC

Josh: If the rewards were reversed, would that make you more likely to vote for this?


06-14-2015 20:33:10 UTC



06-14-2015 21:59:49 UTC

I don’t believe it’s quite as tactical as you’re thinking, Josh—once you choose a Nemesis, there’s no provision for choosing another just to exploit advantages.


06-15-2015 01:18:44 UTC



06-15-2015 13:04:58 UTC

against CoV, as these rewards seem a bit samey, making it just “get a nice prize every round”, which doesn’t seem very related to the concept of having a nemesis.