Monday, December 03, 2007

Proposal: Preparing for chancy things

self-killed - Failed by Chivalrybean

Adminned at 04 Dec 2007 22:12:37 UTC

If “Combat is a chancy thing” passes, then as promptly as possible after the enactment of that proposal, the Allfather shall make any changes to the Einherjar wiki page that he deems necessary or appropriate to conform it to the “Training Skirmishes” rule as amended.

For the purpose of ensuring that this is a valid proposal, add a new dynastic subrule entitled “Null”, reading “This sentence has no game effect and can be ignored”.



12-03-2007 20:31:50 UTC

for I don’t understand why the last part is necessary, and seems it would just clutter the ruleset.


12-03-2007 21:34:28 UTC

against \
S/K since Hix vetoed “chancy thing”.