Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Proposal Prereview: Alt Mysterious Egg

I reworked Farsight’s Mysterious Egg proposal in this Google Doc. Hope he doesn’t mind.

I’m wondering if it’s a good process for new proposal writing, especially if complex mechanics are involved. Try making edits to the doc if you like. Easy to use? Comments can also be added to the doc, but that might be redundant to comments here. When it looks good, then someone can actually propose it, defaulting to myself in a day or so.

While the wars outside the gates continued in their usual fashion, the struggles of the court were to develop regulations to prevent a power-hungry Wizard from misusing their magics for evil. In essence, the threat of civil war loomed loud, ... loud enough to drown out the distant cries of dying soldiers.



27-06-2019 04:53:29 UTC

Don’t mind at all!

Kevan: City he/him

27-06-2019 10:06:53 UTC

If we’re saying “If a Wizard has never had a creature of type “Mysterious Egg” in their Stable” (i.e. making part of the mechanic dependent on game history) this is edging towards just replacing the whole rule with “Once per game a Wizard may mutate a creature without paying its Upkeep.”


27-06-2019 15:34:44 UTC

I had hoped that we’d be able to track changes, or see a revision history. It was easy last I used GDocs, but for now I’m on a phone device and I can’t find any of that. Also, GDocs has a few tricks that trip up newcomers. Better to stick with proposal posts, more or less, like Kevin suggested before.

And I see Spectral Egg has the votes. Retiring this.