Monday, February 07, 2022

Proposal: Proposal: Requesting promotions

Withdrawn. Josh

Adminned at 08 Feb 2022 21:05:06 UTC

Requesting promotions for ATMunn and Darknight.


Josh: he/they

07-02-2022 16:44:38 UTC

for Effective quorum on this is 3.


07-02-2022 19:08:22 UTC

Well, it would have been had the title not included “Proposal:”.  for Let’s help it along.


07-02-2022 19:10:37 UTC

Oh, wait, if it’s not a promotion proposal, it has no effect, anyway.


07-02-2022 19:20:46 UTC

Lol, are promotion proposals even proposals? They aren’t “an entry in the “Proposal” category that describes [any] changes”.

ATMunn: he/him

07-02-2022 20:32:47 UTC

Oh dear, my bad. Noob mistake. Should I withdraw and redo it properly?

Josh: he/they

07-02-2022 20:52:47 UTC

Honestly, couldn’t hurt - this proposal is kind of awkwardly ambiguous at the moment.

ATMunn: he/him

08-02-2022 18:15:57 UTC

Okay against