Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Proposal: Secondary effect of rule 2.8 Boom


Adminned at 11 Jun 2008 12:36:57 UTC

Rewrite the rule 2.6 Boom as follows:

There exists an atomic bomb, which has a timer. The timer starts at 30. Every two days that nobody posts a proposal, the timer goes down by 1. At any point when the timer’s number changes, the Metadynastic Entity is uncontained. When the timer hits 0, the dynasty ends, all dynastic rules are repealed, and a new metadynasty starts.




Amnistar: he/him

11-06-2008 12:20:48 UTC

against WE changed the dynasty counter to 10 instead of 30, but I like the idea of an entity being released.


11-06-2008 13:28:52 UTC

against Also, the wording may be a bit confusing.  What happens if the MDE is contained when the timer changes?  It is easily implied, but the wording could be better.  A better wording could be “becomes uncontained”.

It is a good idea, though.


11-06-2008 16:11:37 UTC



11-06-2008 17:18:52 UTC

against just on the wording, no real issue otherwise


11-06-2008 18:14:26 UTC

veto Refers to nonexistant rule.

2.6 is Statistics.