Friday, February 23, 2024

Proposal: Proposal who has land is powerful

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Create a subsection of Castles called Land.
Create a subrule of land wich reads:

Each Vassal has publicly-tracked number called land area.(hereafter also refered as land)
The starting value of land is 100. Land is expressed in hectare and follows the metric system. Land is spendible and can’t be less then zero. An action is legal if a player must pay amount off land but is its value is bigger than the current amount of land that Vassal has.

Create a subsection of structures called special buildings.
Create a subrule of structures wich reads:

Special buildings are structures that are not part of the castle nor have a defensive stat or theatre.

In the table materials add the following :Food
Add a rule to stockpile wich reads:

If a vassal must remove a food but the number is zero he is unable.

Create a rule of special buildings wich reads:

{| class=“wikitable”
! Name !! Cost !! resource

|farm|| wood, 10 hectare|| A farm produces 2 food plus 2 food per extra size above the first.

Create a bullet point in the Fortnight subsection as 3th wich reads:

For each serf a vassal has above 5 he must remove 1 food. For each food unable to remove he losses 1 serf.



JonathanDark: he/him

23-02-2024 17:58:32 UTC

Rubbelt, I’ve put your post in the Proposal category.

In the future, please be sure that you set the category to Proposal for posts that are Proposals. If you are unsure of how to do this, please ask your mentor Josh about it.


23-02-2024 19:10:37 UTC

Oops it want ready to be posted i tought i saved it


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Josh: he/they

23-02-2024 19:42:57 UTC

The Real BlogNomic Starts Here: you thought you were playing against the other players, but the true foe was the blog software all along

JonathanDark: he/him

23-02-2024 21:02:42 UTC

Its ok, it happens. Just know that it has now been 4 hours since it was posted, so you cannot change it any more. If you want to make more changes, you will need to make another Proposal with the changes.

Josh: he/they

23-02-2024 21:56:44 UTC

Unfortunately I think that this proposal was edited illegally outside of its 4 hour edit window, and is thus illegal. Rubbelt, please do try again - you know where I am if you want to talk through the ins and outs.