Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PROTO Shut It Down

Throughout the dynastic rules, replace “Active” with “Powered” and “Inactive” with “Unpowered”.

Replace “When a new Cycle begins, all Institutions become Powered.” with:

When a new Cycle begins, any Institution which is not Disconnected become Powered, and all other Institutions become Unpowered.

Add a new Institution:

“The Reactor: When a player influences the Reactor, they gain 5 credits. In addition, during the next cycle, they may send the Net a message containing the word SHUTDOWN, in all caps, and the name of an Institution which will be Disconnected during the following Cycle. The same Institution may not be Disconnected for consecutive Cycles; any message which would cause this to occur is ignored entirely.”

A variation on a variation of the Reactor. This removes the caps, but still links with inactivity, while maintaining the protection against consecutive disconnection.



03-22-2012 01:00:48 UTC

for looks good, may be some technical flaws but none that I can see.

Kevan: HE/HIM

03-22-2012 11:26:10 UTC

What do we gain by slowing the Disconnect effect down by an extra cycle?