Monday, March 20, 2017

Call for Judgment: Punish Cuddlebeam for putting the game into Hiatus

Failed with a quorum of against votes, 1 vote to 6. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 20 Mar 2017 21:26:57 UTC

Under the rule Fair Play, it says:

An Organ should not make a DoV primarily to delay the game by putting it into Hiatus.


If any of these rules are found to have been broken, or if an Organ’s behaviour or actions are otherwise deemed unacceptable (socially or otherwise), a proposal or CfJ may be made to reprimand or punish the perpetrator or, in cases of extreme or repeated violations, remove them from the game and bar them from rejoining.

As Cuddlebeam has stated that they had no intention of making an Ascension Address and merely intended to hand the game back over to Viv in order to continue the current dynasty, it seems clear that their DoV was meant only to delay the game to prove some sort of non-existent point.  Since this is far from the first upset that Cuddlebeam has caused this dynasty, I propose the following:

Idle Cuddlebeam.

Add a rule entitled “Cuddlebeam’s Punishment” with the text:

The Organ named Cuddlebeam may not unidle during the First Dynasty of Viv.

We can make card’s suggested change to the rules later - since CFJs don’t necessarily get enacted in order I want to wait until that one is failed first.



03-20-2017 17:10:35 UTC

Note that “and prevented from rejoining until this dynasty ends” has no binding effect here, as the admin enacting a CfJ can only “update the Gamestate and Ruleset” - they can’t control the behaviour of future admins as regards to unidle requests. If we want to enforce something in the future, we have to write it down in the rules.

Unless some other play emerges later in the day that hinges on the gamestate having been locked since 9am, though, I don’t see that Cuddlebeam was doing this “primarily to delay the game”. Cuddlebeam has also already said that they “will ask to idle myself, as a self-timeout for being so hyperactive”, so perhaps lesson learned?

Oracular rufio:

03-20-2017 17:13:49 UTC

I don’t think they will learn anything with a self-imposed punishment.

I guess if it has to be in the ruleset, it has to be in the ruleset.


03-20-2017 17:14:58 UTC

I don’t believe that Cuddle posted the DoV primarily to delay the game and don’t think that it warrants punishment because it’s fair play in my opinion. against


03-20-2017 17:42:45 UTC


It is annoying, but doesn’t seem to be an exploit. In future, I’d suggest that if you spot a game-breaking irregularity in the rules and don’t intend to exploit it for victory, just post a CFJ.

I can’t think of any reason currently why anyone might want to deliberately delay the game. Between Cuddlebeams illegal moves, Pokes resulting CFJ, incorrect rules implementations in the game state, and now this, I have been unable to take meaningful game moves for some time (and now with work becoming busy, I probably won’t be doing many).


03-20-2017 17:44:28 UTC

My vote on this is contingent on Cuddlebeam’s planned self-idle.


03-20-2017 19:01:05 UTC

Noted. Agreed in part.  against


03-20-2017 21:09:11 UTC

Well Cuddlebeam is idle now,  against

Oracular rufio:

03-20-2017 21:11:04 UTC

It would still have the effect of preventing them from unidling.


03-20-2017 21:11:22 UTC

against In the absence of any apparent delay-the-game scam.


03-20-2017 21:21:12 UTC

against now that they are idle anyway.