Sunday, April 30, 2017

Call for Judgment: Puppies

Times out 0-5. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 02 May 2017 23:36:18 UTC

Since PuPs no longer exist, lets undo any existing PuPs.
The Admin enacting this ignores the 3 Bloggers per team rule during the enaction of this CfJ.
Do the following in order until no PuPs exist:
1 Reverse any training of PuPs done by their current Manager. i.e. if someone paid money to increase the stats of the PuPs, reduce the PuPs stats and increase the cash of the PuP’s Manager by the amount paid to train that PuP.
2 If the current Manager used the now revoked PuP rule to create a PuP, remove that PuP from the Blogger Roster and increase the cash of that PuP’s Manager by the amount they paid for that PuP.
3 Reverse any trades of PuPs by moving the PuP to the Manager who sold it. Reduce the selling Manager’s cash by the amount sold for and increase the buying Manager’s cash by the amount the PuP sold for.
4 If any PuPs exist, return to step 1.



04-30-2017 17:12:02 UTC

PuPs are technically still entirely legal players (although with awkward names).

This should be a Proposal imo. And if it was, I’d vote green tick for it because it helps me (my team is trash, I’d gladly get a refund).

But its a fucking CfJ to undo something that isn’t illegal to start with.



04-30-2017 17:17:55 UTC



04-30-2017 17:27:36 UTC

Alright, I mainly wanted to fix the fact that my proposal to remove PuPs from the rules didn’t remove existing PuPs and left you with a bad team.


Publius Scribonius Scholasticus:

04-30-2017 18:09:29 UTC

against card, he can put them up for auction to destroy them


05-01-2017 04:22:12 UTC

I didn’t think of that.


05-01-2017 09:19:19 UTC