Sunday, April 30, 2017

Puppy triple kill

To explain what I’ve done with the auctions (this is a bootleg “combo post”, and purely informative for the rest of players.)

I want to get rid of my PuPs. Yeah, I know card made a CfJ which would allow me to get a refund which would be great but I don’t want to get free stuff (plus I strongly disagree with arbitrary free handouts/modifications via CfJs) so here is my proper disposal of them. Also, there is that rule that says “As a daily atomic action, a manager may intentionally cause personnel problems with a blogger they employ, by stating they are doing so and Rolling DICE10 in the GNT. (...)”, but it’s limited to a daily action and it has dice rolls which make it unreliable so fuck that lol. This will be a quicker and much more reliable way to get rid of them.

We have:

At any time, a Manager can create an Auction for a Blogger they employ with a Duration of their choice. That Blogger then does not count as employed by the auctioning Manager for the purposes of all rules.

The Duration I’ve chosen is 1 second
And then:

After the Auction has been posted for longer than the Auction’s Duration, the Auctioneer may close the auction by noting this in a comment. When the auction is closed, the Manager who had the valid bid with the highest value X that is at least 10% greater than the next highest valid bid on that post (or is the only valid bid on that post) spends X from their Cash to employ that Blogger, and if the Auction designates a Payee, the Payee gains X to their Cash. If there are no valid bids on this Auction when it is closed, no Manager employs that player and the player is not tracked on Blogger Roster.

I’ve closed the auction and there have been no valid bids, no now, “no Manager employs that player and the player is not tracked on Blogger Roster.”

R.I.P. Puppers 1, 2 and 3. I’m now free to employ bloggers again.



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