Monday, September 19, 2011

Question: How do I perform actions?

How do I perform actions? I forgot how.



09-19-2011 11:21:51 UTC

It varies with the action. Most of the actions in this game seem to involve editing values in the GNDT. To do that you log into the GNDT (click “Access the GNDT” in the right sidebar), select the player whose data your action changes and then enter the new values in the appropriate fields.

Prince Anduril:

09-19-2011 13:36:26 UTC

You can also vote, or make comments, depending on the post type. For example, in Kevan’s “Ship Ahoy” post requires other people to “Ahoy!” the ship (or not, if they choose).

In proposals (the ones with the blue outlined square), you can vote yes or no. You can also make your own proposals, by clicking on the ‘Make a New Post’ icon in the sidebar - making sure you change the post type to ‘Proposal’ (I always forget). You can only have 3 proposals pending at once.

Here’s also a breakdown of what you can do in the dynasty (in the current ruleset):

Any time:

Remove a damp flag from one of their items


Eat (if you have an edible item, which no-one has at the moment)
Sleep (beware, people may take your items)
Annoy another Survivor (if you’re Insane)
Sight a ship (if it’s not Ahoyed then you can lose sanity)
Sight land (ditto)
Make a Eureka post (detailing the new effect of an item - this has to be agreed by other Survivors)
Read the children’s book to someone (if it’s in your Items list)
Examine items and declare clues (if you’re Rational)
Make a Portent post (if you’re insane - see the Doom in the ruleset)


Salvage (see Salvaging in the ruleset)
Gamble (see Deck of Cards in the ruleset)

Please add if I’ve missed anything.