Friday, December 02, 2005

Call for Judgment: Quick Fix

Passes 5-1, reached quorum of 5, enacted by smith.

Adminned at 02 Dec 2005 14:56:18 UTC

I bring this matter to the urgent attention of all Deities. If this CfJ passes, the following steps shall ensue:
- Fail Call for Judgement: While we’re at it…
- In pursuance of the enactment of Call for Judgment: Let’s do it right., consider 24 hours has passed since Rodney’s Omen declaration for Ragnarok Call and set AngryGrasshopper’s Prophecy to End of Days.

If either Chronos Phaenon, Excalabur or Cayvie enacts this CfJ, said Deity cannot declare victory within 24 hours of that enactment.



02-12-2005 12:37:54 UTC

against The Omen Componet doesn’t work that way.


02-12-2005 13:36:44 UTC

for Why not?


02-12-2005 14:12:29 UTC

for This is getting silly.  Bad someone that was impatient.


02-12-2005 16:08:15 UTC

who ever posted this is doing just what i said could be done, we are now in infahiatus


02-12-2005 16:41:47 UTC



02-12-2005 17:02:59 UTC

if it was you, quazie, that’s evil :)


02-12-2005 17:05:39 UTC

for CfJ madness


02-12-2005 18:54:07 UTC

Umm…  CfJ’s are not enacted, so the last sentence of this CfJ can have no effect.

Anyway, I vote for, which means that this CfJ is _immediately_ over (quorum of FOR votes).  “The Gamestate and Ruleset should be amended as was specified.”